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Application health checks with Keptn using ArgoCD

In this blog post we will present a planned Keptn and ArgoCD integration to execute advanced application health checks using Keptn.

Keptn provides an effective way to perform application health checks using the pre- or post-deployment tasks and evaluations. ArgoCD application health checks evaluate whether the application is successfully deployed and the workloads are running on the cluster but they do not show if the services of a single application are actually working as expected. For example, it could be the case that the individual services deployed by ArgoCD are up and running, but due to a slow response time (let's say 3s), the users would have a bad experience. Keptn pre- and post-deployment tasks and evaluations complement the missing functionality by providing a straight-forward way to examine the application's ability to perform the actions for which it was developed. In this particular case, Keptn can perform KeptnEvaluations to examine whether the response time of the application services are in the expected boundaries.