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This section provides comprehensive guides about specific features of Keptn.


  • Keptn Metrics - Explore metrics tracking and monitoring capabilities in Keptn.
  • DORA Metrics - Elevate deployment efficiency with key measurements like frequency and lead time, seamlessly managed and monitored within Keptn.


  • OpenTelemetry Observability - Achieve end-to-end traceability and observability in Kubernetes deployments.
  • Context Metadata - Understand how to enhance traceability and context awareness by adding metadata to applications, workloads, and tasks.

Deployment Tasks


  • Analysis with Keptn - Validate your deployments with Keptn Analysis using SLIs and SLOs.
  • Evaluations in Keptn - Discover how Keptn conducts evaluations to assess the performance and quality of your deployments.

Auto App Discovery

Multi-Stage Application Delivery

  • Multi-Stage Application Delivery - Discover how to deploy applications across multiple stages with Keptn, ensuring consistency and reliability across different environments.