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Keptn uses markdownlint to ensure consistent styling within all our markdown files, including files outside the documentation NAV path such as files.. Specifically, we are using markdownlint-cli.

This page tells how to use markdownlint.

We use GNU make to ensure the same functionality locally and within our CI builds. This allows easier debugging and problem resolution.

Markdownlint execution

To verify that your markdown code conforms to the rules, run the following on your local branch:

make markdownlint

Markdown includes an auto-fix option that you can run on your local branch to resolve many issues such as extra spaces and notify you of errors it can not fix automatically. You should always run this command before pushing a commit and resolve any errors it reports.

To use the auto-fix option, run:

make markdownlint-fix

Markdownlint configuration

We use the default configuration values for markdownlint.

This means:

.markdownlint-cli2.yaml contains the rule configuration

We use the default values, so tools like markdownlint for VSCode can be used without additional configuration.