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General information about contributing

This section includes information that applies to all types of contributions -- software, documentation, and tests:

  • Technologies and concepts you should know gives links to resources you can use to increase your knowledge if necessary.

  • Codespaces tells how to use GitHub Codespaces to contribute to Keptn. This is useful for Windows users who may find it difficult to install a local development environment and for Linux and MacOS users who may want to easily make a small contribution without having to set up a full local environment.

  • Working with Git summarizes the steps required to fork and clone a local copy of the repository, create a local branch where you create your new content, then submit that content as a PR then shepherd that PR through the review process until it is merged.

  • Contribution guidelines summarizes practices to help you succeed as a contributor. These guidelines apply to all contributions; a list of additional guidelines that apply only to documentation contributions is given in Contribution guidelines for documentation.

  • Refinement Process explains how proposed issues are evaluated and approved for action.

  • Release Checklist is a list of tasks that must be created when releasing a new Keptn version.