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Create local branch

After you fork and clone the Keptn repository and set upstream in your local machine, you need to create a local branch where you will make your changes.

Create a new branch and make your changes

Be sure that your branch is based on and sync'ed with main, unless you intend to create a derivative PR. The following sequence of commands does this:

git checkout main
git pull --rebase upstream main
git push origin main
git checkout -b <my-new-branch>

Note Be sure to do this each time you start a new PR. If you do not rebase to the upstream main branch, you may end up including the content from a previous PR in your new PR, which is not normally what you want.

Execute the following and check the output to ensure that your branch is set up correctly:

git status

Now you can make your changes and build and test them locally, before you create a PR to add these changes to the documentation set.

  • For documentation changes:

    • Do the writing you want to do in your local branch
    • Check the formatted version in your IDE or at localhost:8000 to ensure that it is rendering correctly and that all links are valid.. See Build Documentation Locally for more information.
    • Run make markdownlint-fix to check and fix the markdown code.
  • For software changes:

    • Create the new code in your local branch.
    • Create and run unit tests for your new code.
    • Run other appropriate test to ensure that your code works correctly.

When you have completed the checking and testing of your work, it is time to push your changes and create a PR that can be reviewed. See Create PR for details.