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Documentation contributions

Keptn documentation source is stored in the same repository as Keptn software and test code and is developed using the same practices used for software and described in the General information section of this Contributing Guide.

The pages in this section augment the "General" information with information that is specific to the documentation:

  • Contribution guidelines for documentation augments the general Contribution Guidelines with guidelines that are only relevant to documentation.
  • Build Documentation Locally tells how to build the documentation locally so you can check the formatting, readability, and links in your local branch before you push the new content.
  • Markdownlint provides information about the linter we use to check the quality of the coding in all .md files in the repository.
  • Source file structure describes the sections of the documentation and how the structure of the published documentation is defined.
  • Coding the docs gives some hints about the markdown practices used for the Keptn documentation.
  • Spell checker describes the spell checker we use and gives instructions for resolving errors it finds.
  • Blogs explains the extra steps required to contribute a blog to the Keptn page.
  • Published doc structure explains the branches (stable and latest) for the published documentation.
  • Word list provides some information about the proper use of Keptn and Kubernetes terms in the documentation as well as links to other documents with more comprehensive word lists.