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Multi Stage Delivery using GitOps

In multi-stage environments it can be a challenge to see how a particular version of a workload progresses through different stages. This can make it difficult to precisely trace exactly which modification introduced a problem when something goes wrong in one of the deployment stages.

Keptn helps to address this challenge by providing a distributed OpenTelemetry trace that encompasses all deployment stages and contains all relevant information, such as the Git commit ID that triggered the deployment of a workload. For example, if the evaluation of a load test in one of the deployment stages is failing, the distributed trace generated by Keptn contains details about the result of the evaluation, as well as a link to the deployment trace of the previous stage. This makes it easy to trace back the deployment of that particular workload across the previous stages, right until the original commit that resulted in the performance degradation.

This blog post demonstrates an example workflow that automates the promotion of a sample application across two different stages. The deployment traces of those stages are linked together and enriched with valuable metadata, such as the commit ID that triggered the deployment of a new workload version.