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Build Documentation Locally

You can run MkDocs locally so that you can view the formatted version of what you are writing before you push it to GitHub. We provide a MkDocs run environment in a Docker container, which simplifies the setup and makes it easier to upgrade your local build environment as the software is updated.

To set up a local MkDocs build:

  1. Install Docker Desktop:

  2. Execute the following command from the root of your clone:

    make docs-serve

    It will continue running in its own shell.

    Note To utilize the Makefile, you must have GNU make available on your local machine. Versions are available for all the usual operating systems.

  3. Start contributing! Note that MkDocs updates the rendered documentation each time you write the file.

  4. Enter the following in a browser to view the website:


  5. Use Ctrl+C to stop the local MkDocs server when you are done.

  6. To restart the continuous build, run make docs-serve again.