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KeptnConfig defines Keptn configuration values.

Yaml Synopsis

kind: KeptnConfig
  name: <configuration-name>
  OTelCollectorUrl: '<otelurl:port>'
  keptnAppCreationRequestTimeoutSeconds: <#-seconds>
  cloudEventsEndpoint: <endpoint>
  blockDeployment: true | false
  observabilityTimeout: <duration>


  • apiVersion -- API version being used.
  • kind -- Resource type. Must be set to KeptnConfig.

  • metadata

  • spec

    • OTelCollectorUrl -- The URL and port of the OpenTelemetry collector. This field must be populated in order to export traces to the OpenTelemetry Collector.
    • keptnAppCreationRequestTimeoutSeconds -- Interval in which automatic app discovery searches for workloads to put into the same auto-generated KeptnApp. The default value is 30 (seconds).
    • cloudEventsEndpoint -- Endpoint where the lifecycle operator posts Cloud Events.
    • blockDeployment -- If set to true (default), application deployment is blocked until the pre-deployment tasks and evaluations succeed. You can set this field to false when building up your pre-deployment tasks and evaluations so that your application is deployed even if the pre-deployment tasks and/or evaluations fail. For more information see the non-blocking deployment section.
    • observabilityTimeout -- specifies the maximum time to observe the deployment phase of KeptnWorkload. The value supplied should specify the unit of measurement; for example, 5m indicates 5 minutes and 1h indicates 1 hour. If the workload is not deployed successfully within this time frame, it is considered to be failed.


Each cluster should have a single KeptnConfig CRD that describes all configurations for that cluster.


This example specifies:

  • the URL of the OpenTelemetry collector
  • automatic app discovery that should be run every 40 seconds
  • CloudEvents endpoint URL
  • blocking functionality of the deployment of the application is disabled in case of the pre-deployment task or evaluation failure
kind: KeptnConfig
  name: keptn-config
  OTelCollectorUrl: 'otel-collector:4317'
  keptnAppCreationRequestTimeoutSeconds: 40
  cloudEventsEndpoint: ''
  blockDeployment: false
  observabilityTimeout: 10m


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