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Supercharge your deployments with Keptn!

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Supercharge your Deployments

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Deployment Observability

Make any Kubernetes workload observable

If you deploy with ArgoCD, Flux, GitLab, kubectl, etc. we provide you:

  • Automated App-Aware DORA metrics (OTel Metrics)
  • Troubleshoot failed deployments (OTel Traces)
  • Trace deployments from Git to cloud (traces across stages)
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Gather metrics from anywhere

Standardize access for all Observability Data for K8s

The Keptn Metrics Operator provides the following features:

  • Define Keptn Metrics once for Dynatrace, DataDog, AWS, Azure, GCP, …
  • Access all those metrics via Prometheus or K8s Metric API
  • Eliminate the need of multiple plugins for Argo Rollouts, KEDA, HPA, …
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Orchestrate Deployment Checks

To reduce complexity of custom checks use Keptn to:

  • Pre-Deploy:
    • Validate external dependencies
    • Confirm that images are scanned
  • Post-Deploy:
    • Execute tests
    • Notify stakeholders
    • Promote to next state
  • Automatically validate against your SLOs (Service Level Objectives)