See all integrations available for Keptn and maintained by the community.


Please find here a list of all Keptn-services and SLI-providers that are available for the last Keptn release. Feel free to install these integrations on a Keptn and to use them according to their documentation in the corresponding repository. The maintainers of those services are referenced in the CODEOWNERS file of each repo. Most of the repositories you can find in the organization and are referenced below.

  • If you identify a bug you would like to report, please create an issue in the repository of the Keptn-service.

  • If you need more information on version compatibility, please go to the repository where a compatibility-matrix should be provided.

Keptn-service latest Release supported Keptn Repository
argo-service 0.8.0 0.8.3
dynatrace-service 0.14.0 0.8.3
neoload-service 0.6.0 0.6.0
notification-service 0.3.1 0.7.3
prometheus-service 1) 0.6.0 0.8.3
servicenow-service 0.2.1 0.6.2
unleash-service 0.3.1 0.8.3
SLI-provider latest Release supported Keptn Repository
dynatrace-sli-service 0.10.3 0.8.3
neoload-sli-provider 0.6.0 0.6.0
prometheus-sli-service 1) 0.3.0 0.8.3


  • 1) The prometheus-sli-service has been merged with prometheus-service. The prometheus-sli-service is deprecated and will be set to read-only on the 9th of July, 2020.


A Keptn-service is classified as sandbox if it is under development and has not shown significant adoption yet. Each project in the Keptn Sandbox organization is maintained by one or more individuals that can be found in the respective CODEOWNERS file of the repository. Please reach out to them or open issues on the repository in case of any questions. Sandbox projects can be found in

Below are projects that have been shown in any Keptn community or developer meeting and thus have successfully fulfilled the requirements listed in the contributing guide of Keptn Sandbox.

Keptn-service in development for Keptn Repository
ansibletower-service 0.7.3
jenkins-service 0.6.1
keptn-report 0.6.1
litmus-service 0.8.2
slackbot-service 0.6.1
statistics-service 0.7.3

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