Quick Start

Learn how to get keptn running in five minutes.

1. Setup your platform

2. Install keptn

2.1 Install the keptn CLI

The keptn CLI is the one-stop-shop for all operations related to keptn.

2.1.1 Automatic install of the keptn CLI (Linux and Mac)
curl -sL https://get.keptn.sh | sudo -E bash

This will download the latest version, unpack it and move it to /usr/local/bin/keptn.

2.1.2 Manual install of the keptn CLI
  1. Download a release for your platform from the release page
  2. Unpack it
  3. Run keptn

3. Run the keptn installer

Depending on the platform, keptn install will prompt you different information needed to perform the installation.

keptn install --platform=[aks|eks|gke|openshift|kubernetes]

keptn is now ready to be used.

4. Explore the usecases

With keptn installed, have a look at the different use cases like

5. Learn how keptn works under the hood and how it can be adapted to your usecases

Review the reference documentation for a full reference on all components of keptn and how they can be combined and extended to your needs.

6. In case you need help

Join our slack channel for any questions that may arise.

7. Uninstalling keptn

keptn uninstall