An opinionated open-source framework for event-based, automated continuous operations in cloud-native environments.
With Keptn ...
  • Developers can focus on code instead of creating YAML files
  • DevOps can focus on tools instead of building pipelines
  • SREs can enforce processes instead of debugging problems
Quick Start

Advantages of Keptn

Best practices out-of-the box

Keptn supports best practices and the latest delivery platforms utilized by modern applications while ensuring that you can easily get started in minutes.

Future-proof and pluggable

One-off implementations often lead to eventual maintenance problems. Keptn provides a core framework that you can use to build cohesive, standardized cloud native-fabric for your organization. Keptn also enables you to replace tools as you wish and avoid vendor lock-in.

Smart and flexible

Concepts like GitOps, self-healing, and unbreakable deployments can be implemented in different ways, varying from one organization to the next. While keptn has built-in intelligence that assists you in taking advantage of these industry best practices, it’s flexible enough to address your specific needs.

Core capabilities

Automated multistage unbreakable delivery pipelines

GitOps-enabled delivery pipelines with automated quality gates support automated testing and monitoring-as-a-service.

Self-healing blue/green deployments

Deployments that follow the “Operations as Code” paradigm automatically remediate problems and get your deployment pipeline working again in under a minute.

Event-driven runbook automation

Production problems can be automatically remediated in real-time by executing runbooks that require no manual intervention.

Design principles

GitOps-based collaboration

All Keptn workflows are based on the GitOps paradigm.

Operator patterns for all logic components

Logic components can be reused for other operational tasks.

Monitoring and operations as code

Developer-friendly definition of monitoring and operational tasks.

Built on and for Kubernetes

Built for modern cloud-native environments.

Event-driven and serverless

Powerful with a minimal resource footprint.

Pluggable tooling

All tools leveraged by Keptn can be replaced based on your tool preferences.