Keptn 0.8.1

Keptn 0.8.1 improves the user experience of Keptn by allowing custom names for SLOs, showing a stage-wide overview of currently running sequences including quality gate evaluations, and offering an API/CLI support to create secrets (on top of Kubernetes Secrets). Besides, this release addresses encountered bugs and issues encountered.

Key announcements:

🎉 API/CLI support for creating secrets: This release introduces the new feature to create a secret on the Keptn control-plane, which is then stored as Kubernetes Secret. Therefore, the Keptn API and CLI provide the required functionality. Please see keptn create secret to learn how to use this feature.

⭐️ Bridge improvements for SLO names and stage overview: The SLO spec allows adding a displayName for an SLO. This name is optional but will be used in the Bridge when available; please see the snippet below. Additionally, the Bridge provides enhancements for the environment screen where an overview of the currently running sequences is given and the evaluation of a quality gate is displayed:


Snippet: SLO.yaml file

  - sli: "response_time_p95"
    displayName: "Response time P95"
    key_sli: false
      - criteria:
          - "<600"    
      - criteria:
          - "<=800"
    weight: 1

💫 (UI mockup for the Keptn Uniform) Bridge displays deployed Keptn-services (integrations) and their subscriptions: In this release, a UI mockup is provided that should provide a look-and-feel on how to display Keptn-services that are connected to the control-plane. To take a look at this mockup, open the Bridge and navigate to: your.keptn.endpoint/bridge/project/{project_name}/ff-uniform

Many thanks to the community for the enhancements on this release!

Keptn Specification

Implemented Keptn spec version: 0.2.1

New Features

Platform Support / Installer

  • Support for Kubernetes 1.20 3495


  • Create/Delete/Update secret using Keptn API/CLI 3465
  • Fixed: GET services from a stage endpoint requires stage but contains service in path 3456
  • Fixed: Endpoint is missing path parameter and mismatch between parameter name 3489


  • keptn create secret: Commands for managing secrets 3596
  • CLI & Bridge: Automatically determine doc version 2863
  • Fixed: CLI in alpine docker image not working 3475

Keptn Core

  • configuration-service:

    • Fixed: Cannot checkout main|master in AWS CodeCommit 3403
  • distributor:

    • Allow comma-separated list on event filters for distributors 3577
  • helm-service & jmeter-service:

    • Add Helm schema validation support for a ‘remoteControlPlane.api.hostname’ port value 3450
    • Allow helm-service to work without admin permissions 3511
  • shipyard-controller:

    • Fixed: Upgrade Shipyard: shipyardVersion in GET /project response not updated immediately 3384
    • Fixed: deploymentURI shows up twice in shipyard-controller test.triggered event 3449
    • Fixed: Fixed errors in Swagger definition of shipyard-controller 3530


  • Mockup to show installed Keptn-services (aka. Uniform) and the latest version available 1280
  • Show SLI with display name or “smart SLI name” 3345
  • Stage tile supports many services 2289
  • Show evaluation result on Service tile (next to stage) 3425
  • Fixed: Navigation with smart linking 3578
  • Fixed: Approval events sent by bridge should only include approval-related properties 3557
  • Fixed: Bridge no longer shows a link to deployment URLs in environment screen 3535
  • Fixed: Evaluation component in Service screen does not show all labels as compared to full-screen view 3537
  • Fixed: Bridge shows empty test events due to wrong order of events (test.started timestamp < test.triggered timestamp) 3435
  • Fixed: Bridge does not list failed quality gate evaluations in Environment screen 3438
  • Fixed: Version check failed 3446
  • Fixed: Approvals are not working 3477


  • Disable SpellCheck for *_test.go files 3543
  • Added spell checker - big thanks to @jsoref 🎉 3234

Development Process / Testing

  • Integration Test: Run jmeter and helm in execution plane (independent namespace) 3214
  • Integration Test: Test the “multiple parallel stages” with 2970
  • Automatically create GitHub issue with the label “type:critical” if integration tests on master/release branch fail 3166
  • Fixed: Debugging helm-service is no longer possible 3421

Good to know / Known Limitations

  • See the know limitations from 0.8.0

Open issues that will be fixed in upcoming releases

  • Lighthouse-service needs to properly set result, status, and message 3412
  • Helm-service is not working parallel when deployed in the execution-plane 3427
  • Shipyard-controller: Only last .finished event for a task determines further sequence execution 3493
  • Auto-remediation does not work with remote execution plane 3498
  • Quality gate icon in the environment screen does not turn red 3592

Upgrade to 0.8.1