Keptn 0.7.1

Keptn 0.7.1 improves the capabilities of the 0.7.0 release by adding more flexibility to the tasks of installing/operating Keptn, introducing three new CLI commands and improving the UX in the Keptn Bridge. Especially the new feature of installing Keptn in different namespaces is a door opener for various use-cases since multiple Keptn deployments, e.g., one for each team, can be operated on one cluster.

The key announcements of Keptn 0.7.1:

🌟 More flexibility in installing/operating Keptn:

  • keptn install --namespace: Allows you to specify the namespace to install Keptn in.
  • keptn upgrade: Instead of manually executing a K8s job as done by the previous upgrade processes, this CLI command performs the upgrade.
  • Set root context: As part of the installation Helm Chart of Keptn, a root context can be specified that allows you to customize the prefix of the API and Bridge endpoint of Keptn.

🚀 New CLI commands:

  • keptn delete service: This command will delete a service from a project and undeploy the service from the cluster.
  • keptn get events: This command is a generic implementation to retrieve Keptn events of any event type.

UX improvements in environment screen: Based on feedback on the features of the Keptn delivery assistant, improvements regarding the user experience of the Keptn Bridge has been implemented.

🎉 Keptn on OpenShift 4: Thanks to the work of @marcredhat, Keptn has been successfully tested on an OpenShift 4 cluster. Two assets of this task are provided here: (1) Docu for Automated install of OpenShift 4.5 and Keptn and (2) YouTube - Deploy to OpenShift 4.5 / Service Mesh using Keptn.

Additional note: Added documentation of GOVERNANCE & SECURITY process

Keptn Specification

Implemented Keptn spec version: 0.1.5

New Features

  • Keptn on OpenShift 4 #2157
  • Install Keptn in a namespace other than keptn using: keptn install --namespace= #2195
  • Upgrade Keptn from 0.7 to 0.7.1 using: keptn upgrade #2234
  • Make StorageClass and PersistentVolumeClaim configurable in Keptn installer #2190
  • Allow to install Keptn with prefix in path (aka. context root) #2124
  • Return 404 from /event endpoint when no event is found #1655
  • keptn delete to delete a service from a Keptn project #2199
  • Properly format the output of keptn get event command #2207
  • keptn get event to get an event of any event type #2171
  • keptn add-resource checks the number of arguments before executing the command #1735
  • Immediately return an error if kube server version check error #1944
  • Review of the description of all Keptn CLI commands #1718
  • helm-service:

    • Delete a service from the cluster when deleting it from a project #2201
  • lighthouse-service:

    • Mark info SLI correctly when empty pass/warning array is provided #2231
    • Change the comparison strategy to match the full quality gate result #2224
  • Fonts are correctly loaded when a root context is used for Bridge #2174
  • Labels are clickable when containing a URL as value #2061
  • Icons in stage tile and labels work as filter #2087
  • Provide API token and keptn auth command in user menu #2197
  • Show remediation workflow in environment screen #2085
  • Show failed quality gates in environment screen #2086
  • Fixed misleading message in bridge if no deployment was done but evaluations happened #2112
  • Improved color-coding in Keptn Bridge for problem.resolved event #2139
  • Provider better indication and workflow for artifacts waiting for approval #2142
  • Fix wrong version in environments overview when evaluation failed #2133
  • Set height for evaluation chart and maxHeight for legend #2150
  • Expand service tile automatically if there is an open approval #2151
  • Show labels in event payload #2138
  • Bridge code refactoring tasks: #2000, #2011, #2012

Fixed Issues

  • CLI: kubectl version check incorrectly reports if no connection to cluster could be made #1944

Development Process / Testing

  • Fix problems in TravisCI for building/testing #2149
  • Fixed integration test function and replaced invalid error codes #2162
  • Check if replicas of deployment are running #2160

Good to know / Known Limitations

  • The upgrade from 0.7 o 0.7.1 is supported by the keptn upgrade command.