You are viewing documentation of Keptn that is currently under development and subject to change.

Operate Keptn

Operate Keptn on one of the supported platforms.

Install CLI and Keptn

Install Keptn on one of the supported Kubernetes platforms.

Upgrade Keptn

Upgrade your Keptn to 0.7

Uninstall Keptn

Uninstall Keptn from a Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes Support

Keptn and Kubernetes compatibility overview

Keptn on MicroK8s (experimental)

Install the quality gates standalone version of Keptn on Microk8s.

Keptn with pre-installed Istio/NGINX (experimental)

Install Keptn with a pre-installed/managed Istio/NGINX installation.

Keptn Quality Gates Installation using manifests (experimental)

Install Keptn Quality Gates on Kubernetes by applying manifests with kubectl