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keptn upgrade project

keptn upgrade project

Upgrades an existing Keptn project


Upgrades an existing Keptn project with the provided name.

This command will upgrade the shipyard of the project to the specified version

By executing the update project command, Keptn will fetch the current shipyard.yaml file of the project and convert it to the version specified in the ‘toVersion” flag.

For more information about upgrading projects, go to Manage Keptn

keptn upgrade project PROJECTNAME --shipyard --fromVersion=CURRENT_SHIPYARD_VERSION --toVersion=TARGET_SHIPYARD_VERSION [flags]


keptn upgrade project PROJECTNAME --shipyard --fromVersion=0.1.0 --toVersion=0.2.0


      --dry-run              Output the upgraded shipyard but don't upload it to the project
      --fromVersion string   The current version of the shipyard
  -h, --help                 help for project
      --shipyard             Upgrade the shipyard file of the project
      --toVersion string     The new target version of the shipyard
  -y, --yes                  Automatically confirm the upgrade of the shipyard

Options inherited from parent commands

      --mock               Disables communication to a Keptn endpoint
  -n, --namespace string   Specify the namespace where Keptn should be installed, used and uninstalled in (default keptn). (default "keptn")
  -q, --quiet              Suppresses debug and info messages
  -v, --verbose            Enables verbose logging to print debug messages


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