This documentation is for an older Keptn release. Please consider the newest one when working with the latest Keptn.


In order to evaluate the quality gates and allow self-healing in production, we have to set up monitoring to get the needed data.


  • Keptn project and at least one onboarded service must be available.

Setup Prometheus

After creating a project and service, you can setup Prometheus monitoring and configure scrape jobs using the Keptn CLI. Therefore you need to deploy the prometheus-service.

  • Specify the version of the prometheus-service you want to deploy. Please see the compatibility matrix of the prometheus-service to pick the version that works with your Keptn.

    VERSION=<VERSION>   # e.g.: VERSION=0.3.5
  • To install the prometheus-service, execute:

    kubectl apply -f$VERSION/deploy/service.yaml
    • Execute the following command to set up the rules for the Prometheus Alerting Manager:
    keptn configure monitoring prometheus --project=PROJECTNAME --service=SERVICENAME

Verify Prometheus setup in your cluster

  • To verify that the Prometheus scrape jobs are correctly set up, you can access Prometheus by enabling port-forwarding for the prometheus-service:

    kubectl port-forward svc/prometheus-service 8080 -n monitoring

Prometheus is then available on localhost:8080/targets where you can see the targets for the service:

Prometheus Targets