This documentation is for an older Keptn release. Please consider the newest one when working with the latest Keptn.

Keptn with pre-installed Istio/NGINX (experimental)

In case you want to re-use an existing Istio installation for the full Keptn installation or re-use an existing NGINX installation for the quality gates Keptn installation, the Keptn CLI provides a hidden flag --ingress-install-option=Reuse starting with Keptn 0.6.1:

keptn install --ingress-install-option=Reuse --platform=gke


keptn install --ingress-install-option=Reuse --use-case=quality-gates --platform=gke

Please note: This flag is experimental, and a successful installation heavily depends on the Istio/NGINX version and configuration that is used.

Detailed Installation Guide for pre-installed Istio on GKE

When creating a new cluster on GKE, make sure to select the option “Enable Istio” (hidden in the Features tab). Please find out more details on the official product page of GKE.

GKE with existing istio

Once the cluster has been created, please verify the istio version in use by executing

$ kubectl get deployments -n istio-system -owide

NAME                     READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE   CONTAINERS                 IMAGES                                                                                                         SELECTOR
istio-citadel            1/1     1            1           32m   citadel                                                                                    istio=citadel
istio-galley             1/1     1            1           32m   galley                                                                                      istio=galley
istio-ingressgateway     1/1     1            1           32m   istio-proxy                                                                                app=istio-ingressgateway,istio=ingressgateway
istio-pilot              1/1     1            1           32m   discovery,istio-proxy,                                      istio=pilot
istio-policy             1/1     1            1           32m   mixer,istio-proxy,                                      istio=mixer,istio-mixer-type=policy
istio-sidecar-injector   1/1     1            1           32m   sidecar-injector-webhook                                                                 istio=sidecar-injector
istio-telemetry          1/1     1            1           32m   mixer,istio-proxy,                                      istio=mixer,istio-mixer-type=telemetry

Note: A default Keptn 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 installation would have installed Istio in version 1.3.

After setting up the cluster you can install Keptn. Make sure to add the hidden option --ingress-install-option=Reuse to the keptn install command and verify that the installation has worked using keptn status.

Afterwards you can continue with the tutorials as usual.

Please note that this is an experimental feature and we cannot cover all corner-cases. Any help in this regard is appreciated. In case of any issues, feel free to create a new bug report and provide as much debug information as possible.