This documentation is for an older Keptn release. Please consider the newest one when working with the latest Keptn.


Reference documentation of the Keptn core components.

Setup Monitoring

Explains how to setup monitoring used as data source for the evaluation of the quality gates.

Keptn API

Explains how to connect the Keptn API and which commands are available.

API Token

Manage the API token of a Keptn installation.

Keptn Bridge

Explains how the access the Keptn Bridge.

Keptn CLI

Explains how to download and install the keptn CLI as well as which commands are available.

Keptn Quality Gates Installation using manifests (experimental)

Install Keptn Quality Gates on Kubernetes by applying manifests with kubectl

Keptn on MicroK8s (experimental)

Explains how to install the quality-gates standalone version of Keptn on Microk8s.

Keptn with pre-installed Istio/NGINX (experimental)

Install Keptn with a pre-installed/managed Istio/NGINX installation.


Explains how Keptn uses Helm to deploy services


Find tips and tricks to deal with troubles that may occur when using Keptn.