Upgrade Keptn

For full details on what has changed from Keptn 0.5.x to Keptn 0.6.0 please refer to the release notes within the Keptn repository.

Upgrade from 0.5.x to 0.6.0

Unfortunatley, there are multiple breaking changes from Keptn 0.5.x to Keptn 0.6.x that make it impossible to provide an upgrade script from Keptn 0.5.x to Keptn 0.6.x. These breaking changes include:

  • Istio sidecar injection has been introduced for blue-green deployments
  • Pitometer was removed, instead the lighthouse was installed
  • Ingress gateway handling was changed

Instead of an upgrade script, we will highlight the most important changes that you need to do to get your services onboarded with a fresh Keptn 0.6.0 installation.

Note: Advise for migrating from Keptn 0.6.0.beta(2) to 0.6.0 is listed below.

Helm Charts

Several changes to Helm charts have been made. If you want to stay compatible, please adapt your Helm charts accordingly.

  • Parameterize the replicas in the deployment manifest. Therefore, set replicas: {{ .Values.replicaCount }} instead of a fixed value, e.g.: replicas: 1:
  replicas: {{ .Values.replicaCount }}

See example: https://github.com/keptn/examples/blob/release-0.6.0/onboarding-carts/carts/templates/deployment.yaml#L7

  • Then, set a new value in values.yaml for each service: replicaCount.

See example: https://github.com/keptn/examples/blob/release-0.6.0/onboarding-carts/carts/values.yaml

  • Dynatrace integration: We have removed DT_TAGS and introduced DT_CUSTOM_PROP:
  - name: DT_CUSTOM_PROP
    value: "keptn_project={{ .Values.keptn.project }} keptn_service={{ .Values.keptn.service }} keptn_stage={{ .Values.keptn.stage }} keptn_deployment={{ .Values.keptn.deployment }}"

See example: https://github.com/keptn/examples/blob/release-0.6.0/onboarding-carts/carts/templates/deployment.yaml#L29-L30

New Lighthouse / Pitometer was removed

Pitometer was removed including the support for PerfSpec files. Instead, a new service called lighthouse has been introduced. Please follow the Deployment with Quality Gates tutorial to learn more about the new file formats used for quality gates.

Upgrade from 0.6.0beta(2) to 0.6.0

When we introduced the new lighthouse-service with custom SLIs in 0.6.0.beta we got a lot of feedback. We value this feedback, and we wanted to thank all our beta testers for their extensive testing and feedback provided by providing an upgrade guide from 0.6.0.beta(2) to 0.6.0.

Lighthouse: Custom SLIs in Git repo

For Keptn 0.6.0.beta(2), custom SLIs were configured by creating a Kubernetes ConfigMap for Prometheus that looked like this:

apiVersion: v1
  custom-queries: |
    cpu_usage: avg(rate(container_cpu_usage_seconds_total{namespace="$PROJECT-$STAGE",pod_name=~"$SERVICE-primary-.*"}[5m]))
    response_time_p95: histogram_quantile(0.95, sum by(le) (rate(http_response_time_milliseconds_bucket{handler="ItemsController.addToCart",job="$SERVICE-$PROJECT-$STAGE"}[$DURATION_SECONDS])))
kind: ConfigMap
  name: prometheus-sli-config-sockshop
  namespace: keptn

With Keptn 0.6.0, custom SLIs need to be added for the project/service/stage by using keptn add-resource. With this change in mind, we also had to slightly adapt the format of the file. Above file would now look as follows:

spec_version: '1.0'
  cpu_usage: avg(rate(container_cpu_usage_seconds_total{namespace="$PROJECT-$STAGE",pod_name=~"$SERVICE-primary-.*"}[5m]))
  response_time_p95: histogram_quantile(0.95, sum by(le) (rate(http_response_time_milliseconds_bucket{handler="ItemsController.addToCart",job="$SERVICE-$PROJECT-$STAGE"}[$DURATION_SECONDS])))

To migrate from the old format to the new format, you can:

  1. Fetch the ConfigMap using kubectl get configmap -n keptn prometheus-sli-config-sockshop -oyaml
  2. Copy the content from within the custom-queries: | section (without custom-queries: |)
  3. Create a new file called sli.yaml with the following content:

    spec_version: '1.0'
      # paste-content-here

The newly created file needs to be added to as follows:

  • Prometheus

    keptn add-resource --project=sockshop --stage=staging --service=carts --resource=sli.yaml --resourceUri=prometheus/sli.yaml
  • Dynatrace

    keptn add-resource --project=sockshop --stage=staging --service=carts --resource=sli.yaml --resourceUri=dynatrace/sli.yaml

Ingress Gateway

If you want to stay compatible, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Delete the existing gateways that are relevant for Keptn namespace using:
   kubectl delete gateway keptn-gateway -n keptn
  1. Apply the new public-gateway in namespace istio-system using:
   kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn/keptn/release-0.6.0/installer/manifests/istio/public-gateway.yaml
  1. Edit the VirtualService for the Keptn api service such that it uses public-gateway.istio-system instead of keptn-gateway:
   kubectl get vs/api -n keptn -o yaml | sed 's/keptn-gateway/public-gateway.istio-system/g' | kubectl replace -f -
  1. Verify that you can still access the API via a browser.

  2. Adapt all VirtualServices of onboarded services to use the public-gateway.istio-system (e.g., by sending a new-artifact event for all those services which will be handled by the updated helm-service, or by manually editing the virtual services)

  3. (Optional) Delete all generated gateways (in all namespaces of the project-stages) using: kubectl delete gateways -n $project-$stage for every $project and $stage)

Update services from 0.6.0.beta2 to 0.6.0

Update services in keptn-datastore namespace

kubectl -n keptn-datastore set image deployment/mongodb-datastore mongodb-datastore=keptn/mongodb-datastore:0.6.0 --record
kubectl -n keptn-datastore set image deployment/mongodb-datastore-distributor distributor=keptn/distributor:0.6.0 --record

Update services in keptn namespace

kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn/keptn/release-0.6.0/installer/manifests/keptn/core.yaml
kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn/keptn/release-0.6.0/installer/manifests/keptn/continuous-deployment.yaml
kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn/keptn/release-0.6.0/installer/manifests/keptn/quality-gates.yaml
kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn/keptn/release-0.6.0/installer/manifests/keptn/continuous-operations.yaml

Update keptn-contrib services

Please only update the services if you have them installed

  • dynatrace-service: kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn-contrib/dynatrace-service/release-0.6.0/deploy/manifests/dynatrace-service/dynatrace-service.yaml
  • dynatrace-sli-service: kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn-contrib/dynatrace-sli-service/release-0.3.0/deploy/service.yaml
  • prometheus-service: kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn-contrib/prometheus-service/release-0.3.1/deploy/service.yaml
  • prometheus-sli-service: kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keptn-contrib/prometheus-sli-service/release-0.2.0/deploy/service.yaml
  • notification-service: kubectl -n keptn set image deployment/notification-service notification-service=keptncontrib/notification-service:0.3.0 --record

Install new Keptn CLI

Please refer to the install section to install the latest Keptn CLI for version 0.6.0.