Please upgrade your Keptn to a newer release.

Kubernetes Support

This document describes the maximum version skew supported between Keptn and Kubernetes.

Supported Versions

Keptn versions are expressed as x.y.z, where x is the major version, y is the minor version, and z is the patch version, following Semantic Versioning terminology. Please refer to the table below to determine what Keptn version is compatible with your cluster.

Keptn Installations:

  • Control Plane: Keptn components to run a Keptn and to manage projects, stages, and services, to handle events, and to provide integration points. Install option: keptn install --use-case=quality-gates

  • Control & Execution Plane: Keptn control plane including all Keptn-services for continuous delivery and automated operations. Install option: keptn install

Keptn Version /
Kubernetes AKS EKS GKE OpenShift Minikube MicroK8s
0.6.x /
Control & Execution Plane
1.15.x - 1.13.x 1.15.x (1) 1.15 - 1.14 1.15.x - 1.14.x 3.11 - - 1.34.2
(K8s: 1.11.x)
0.6.x /
Control Plane
1.16.x - 1.13.x 1.16.x - 1.15.x 1.15 - 1.14 (2) 1.15.x - 1.14.x (2) 3.11 1.2
1.18.x 1.34.2
(K8s: 1.11.x)


  • (1): AKS with K8s version before 1.15 might fail #1429, due to a known AKS issue: #69262
  • (2) EKS and GKE do not provide K8s 1.16 clusters (checked on: 9th April, 2020)


  • It is not recommended to use Keptn with a version of Kubernetes that is newer than the version it was tested against, as Keptn does not make any forward-compatibility guarantees.

  • If you choose to use Keptn with a version of Kubernetes that it does not support, you are using it at your own risk.


  • AKS … Azure Kubernetes Service
  • EKS … Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • GKE … Google Kubernetes Engine

Test Strategy for Kubernetes support

  • With a new Keptn release, Keptn is tested based on the default K8s version of each Cloud Provider: AKS, EKS and GKE available at the release date.

  • Internally, a test pipeline with newer Kubernetes versions is verifying the master branch of Keptn. Known-limitations identified by these tests are referenced at the corresponding Keptn release.