Learn how to manage your projects in keptn.

Create a project

A project is a structure in keptn that allows to organize your services and is represented as a repository in the GitHub organization used by keptn. This project contains branches representing the multi-stage environment (e.g., dev, staging, and production stage). In other words, the separation of stage configurations is based on repository branches. To describe the stages, a single shipyard.yaml file is needed that specifies the name, deployment strategy, and test strategy as shown below:

  - name: "dev"
    deployment_strategy: "direct"
    test_strategy: "functional"
  - name: "staging"
    deployment_strategy: "blue_green_service"
    test_strategy: "performance"
  - name: "production"
    deployment_strategy: "blue_green_service"

Allowed values for the deployment strategies are “direct”, which means the old version of the artifact is replaced, or “blue_green_service”, which means that a new version is deployed . Allowed values for the test_strategy are “functional” or “performance”. We are planning to incorporate more deployment and testing strategies in the next releases.

Create a project with the keptn CLI.

keptn create project your_project shipyard.yml

Delete a project

The keptn CLI does currently not support the deletion of a project. However, by following the next steps, a project can manually be removed:

  • Delete the GitHub repository for your project, e.g., sockshop.
  • Delete all namespaces that have been created by keptn in your Kubernetes cluster, e.g.,

    • sockshop-dev
    • sockshop-staging
    • sockshop-production

    by executing

  kubectl delete namespace sockshop-dev sockshop-staging sockshop-production

In addition, the Helm releases have to be deleted:

  helm delete --purge sockshop-dev
  helm delete --purge sockshop-production
  helm delete --purge sockshop-staging

Update a project

Updating a project is currently only supported by following the steps of deleting a project and creating the project with updated settings again.