Upgrade keptn

Since the removal of knative as a core technology in keptn 0.4.0 is considered to be a breaking change, an upgrade script can unfortunately not be provided. If you want to upgrade your existing keptn installation, uninstall keptn and install it with the new keptn CLI 0.4.0.

Uninstall keptn

For uninstalling keptn, download this script and execute it:


Install keptn CLI

Please refer to the install section to instal keptn in version 0.4.0.

Create project and onboard services

Due to a breaking change from keptn 0.3.0 to 0.4.0 regarding the naming convention of Kubernetes namespaces, it is necessary to re-create a keptn project and to onboard your services again.

  • Delete your configuration repository in your GitHub organization.

  • Delete your releases using Helm:

  helm ls
  NAME               	REVISION	UPDATED                 	STATUS  	CHART         	APP VERSION	NAMESPACE 
  sockshop-dev       	1       	Wed May 29 10:59:56 2019	DEPLOYED	sockshop-0.1.0	           	dev       
  sockshop-production	1       	Wed May 29 11:12:44 2019	DEPLOYED	sockshop-0.1.0	           	production
  sockshop-staging   	1       	Wed May 29 11:07:16 2019	DEPLOYED	sockshop-0.1.0	           	staging 
  helm delete --purge sockshop-dev
  helm delete --purge sockshop-production
  helm delete --purge sockshop-staging
  release "sockshop-dev" deleted
  release "sockshop-staging" deleted
  release "sockshop-production" deleted
  • Instructions for creating a project are provided here.

  • Instructions for onboarding a service are provided here.