Upgrade keptn on GKE

For upgrading an existing keptn 0.2.0 or 0.2.1 installation, an upgrade script is provided. This will update all keptn core components to their new version and installs the keptn’s bridge. Furthermore, a new version of the CLI needs to be downloaded.


  • Please note that all command line tools are needed when upgrading keptn.

    • Additionally, yq is required.
  • Furthermore, please note that we increaded the GKE cluster size to one n1-standard-16 node.

  • Make sure you are connected with the cluster running the keptn installation, which should be upgraded. Verify the connection by using the following command:

  kubectl config current-context

Upgrade keptn CLI

  • Download the version for your operating system from https://github.com/keptn/keptn/releases/tag/0.2.2
  • Unpack the download
  • Find the keptn binary in the unpacked directory.

    • Linux / macOS

      add executable permissions (chmod +x keptn), and move it to the desired destination (e.g. mv keptn /usr/local/bin/keptn)

    • Windows

      move/copy the executable to the desired folder and, optionally, add the executable to your PATH environment variable for a more convenient experience.

  • For double checking the version of the CLI, run the version command in the CLI:

    • Linux / macOS
    keptn version
    CLI version: 0.2.2
    • Windows
    .\keptn.exe version
    CLI version: 0.2.2

Upgrade keptn from 0.2.x to 0.2.2

  • Clone the keptn installer repository of the latest release:
  git  clone --branch 0.2.3 https://github.com/keptn/installer
  • Navigate to the scripts folder:
  cd  ./installer/scripts
  • Run the keptn upgrade script:
  ./upgradeKeptn.sh github_username github_access_token
  • Important: Due to a known issue in Jenkins, it is necessary to open the Jenkins configuration and click Save although nothing is changed.

    You can open the configuration page of Jenkins with the credentials admin / AiTx4u8VyUV8tCKk by taking the URL from the upgrade script or generating it and copying it in your browser:

  echo http://jenkins.keptn.$(kubectl describe svc istio-ingressgateway -n istio-system | grep "LoadBalancer Ingress:" | sed 's~LoadBalancer  Ingress:[ \t]*~~').xip.io/configure
  • Note: In future releases of the keptn CLI, a command keptn upgrade will be added, which replaces the shell script upgradeKeptn.sh.

Create project and onboard services

Due to a breaking change from keptn 0.2.1 to 0.2.2 regarding the naming convention of Kubernetes namespaces, it is necessary to re-create a keptn project and to onboard your services again.

  • Delete your configuration repository in your GitHub organization.

  • Delete your releases using Helm:

  helm ls
  NAME               	REVISION	UPDATED                 	STATUS  	CHART         	APP VERSION	NAMESPACE 
  sockshop-dev       	1       	Wed May 29 10:59:56 2019	DEPLOYED	sockshop-0.1.0	           	dev       
  sockshop-production	1       	Wed May 29 11:12:44 2019	DEPLOYED	sockshop-0.1.0	           	production
  sockshop-staging   	1       	Wed May 29 11:07:16 2019	DEPLOYED	sockshop-0.1.0	           	staging 
  helm delete --purge sockshop-dev
  helm delete --purge sockshop-production
  helm delete --purge sockshop-staging
  release "sockshop-dev" deleted
  release "sockshop-staging" deleted
  release "sockshop-production" deleted
  • Instructions for creating a project are provided here.

  • Instructions for onboarding a service are provided here.

Upgrade monitoring

If Dynatrace is used for monitoring, please follow the upgrade instructions here.