keptn send event

keptn send event

Sends an event to Keptn


Sends an arbitrary Keptn event that is defined in the provided JSON file. An event has to follow the CloudEvents specification ( in version 0.2 and has to be written in JSON. In addition, the payload of the CloudEvent needs to follow the Keptn spec (

keptn send event --file=FILEPATH [flags]


keptn send event --file=./new_artifact_event.json


  -f, --file string   The file containing the event as Cloud Event in JSON.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config-file string   Specify custom Keptn Config file path (default: ~/.keptn/config)
  -h, --help                 help
      --mock                 Disables communication to a Keptn endpoint
  -n, --namespace string     Specify the namespace where Keptn should be installed, used and uninstalled (default "keptn")
  -q, --quiet                Suppresses debug and info messages
  -v, --verbose              Enables verbose logging to print debug messages
  -y, --yes                  Assume yes for all user prompts


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