Upgrade Keptn

Upgrade from Keptn 0.13.x to Keptn 0.15.x

With Keptn 0.15.x, we upgraded the NATS cluster and with that, we changed its name. For existing integration that are not yet updated to use a 0.15.x distributor, please update the distributor PUBSUB_URL environment variable and set it to nats://keptn-nats. Please, refer to the distributor documentation for further details.

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  • Step 1. To download and install the Keptn CLI for version 0.15.0, you can choose between:

    • Automatic installation of the Keptn CLI (Linux and Mac):

      • The next command will download the 0.15.0 release from GitHub, unpack it, and move it to /usr/local/bin/keptn.

        curl -sL https://get.keptn.sh | KEPTN_VERSION=0.15.0 bash
      • Verify that the installation has worked and that the version is correct by running:

        keptn version
    • Manual installation of the Keptn CLI:

      • Download the release for your platform from the GitHub
      • Unpack the binary and move it to a directory of your choice (e.g., /usr/local/bin/)
      • Verify that the installation has worked and that the version is correct by running: console keptn version
  • Step 2. To upgrade your Keptn installation from 0.13.x to 0.15.x, the Keptn CLI offers the command:

   keptn upgrade
   keptn set config KubeContextCheck true
  • If the CLI still complains about the context, please use the Helm approach to upgrade your cluster:
   helm upgrade keptn keptn --install -n keptn --create-namespace --repo=https://charts.keptn.sh --version=0.15.0 --reuse-values --wait
  • ⚠️ Step 3. If you are using the jmeter-service or helm-service, upgrade them to 0.15.0 using the following commands:
   helm repo update
   helm upgrade jmeter-service https://github.com/keptn/keptn/releases/download/0.15.0/jmeter-service-0.15.0.tgz -n keptn --create-namespace --wait --reuse-values
   helm upgrade helm-service https://github.com/keptn/keptn/releases/download/0.15.0/helm-service-0.15.0.tgz -n keptn --create-namespace --wait --reuse-values