The sli.yaml file contains definitions of the Service-Level Indicators (SLIs) defined for your Keptn installation. Each SLI is a defined quantitative measure of some aspects of the service level. The query for an SLI is provider/tool-dependent; therefore, each SLI-provider relies on a specific SLI configuration. The SLI configuration contains a list of indicators, each of which always consists of a name and the provider-specific query.

Service-Level Indicator

  • Each SLI is a key-value pair with the SLI name as key and the provider-specific query as value.
  • The sli.yaml file can contain any number of SLIs.

Provider-specific SLIs

Please follow the links to the provider-specific SLIs:

Add SLI configuration to a Service, Stage, or Project

Important: In the following commands, the value of the resourceUri must specify the SLI-provider that can fetch the declared SLIs. For Dynatrace, the value of the resourceUri must be: dynatrace/sli.yaml.

  keptn add-resource --project=sockshop --stage=staging --service=carts --resource=sli-config.yaml  --resourceUri=dynatrace/sli.yaml
  keptn add-resource --project=sockshop --stage=staging --resource=sli-config.yaml --resourceUri=dynatrace/sli.yaml

Note: This SLI configuration is applied for all services in this stage.

  keptn add-resource --project=sockshop --resource=sli-config.yaml --resourceUri=dynatrace/sli.yaml

Note: This SLI configuration is applied for all services in all stages of this project.

Example of multiple SLI configurations:

  • Let’s assume, we add the following SLI configurations to a project, stage, and service:

    • SLI configuration on project-level:
    spec_version: "1.0"
      throughput: "query A-1"
      error_rate: "query B-1"
      response_time_p95: "query C-1"
    • SLI configuration on stage-level:
    spec_version: "1.0"
      response_time_p95: "query C-2"
      response_time_p99: "query D-2"
    • SLI configuration on service-level:
    spec_version: "1.0"
      response_time_p99: "query D-3"
      sql-statements: "query E-3"
  • If an evaluation of a service gets triggered, the following SLI configuration is used:

    spec_version: "1.0"
      throughput: "query A-1"         # SLI from project level
      error_rate: "query B-1"         # SLI from project-level
      response_time_p95: "query C-2"  # SLI from stage-level overrides SLI from project-level
      response_time_p99: "query D-3"  # SLI from service-level overrides SLI from stage-level
      sql-statements: "query E-3"     # SLI from service-level

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