Contributing guide

We are welcoming new contributors to the Keptn project!

Getting started

1️. If you are new to Keptn and want to get started contributing, please take a look at our file that lays out the process on how to contribute to the project.

2️. We curate a list of good first issues which are suitable for first-time contributors as they do not require in-depth knowledge of our project. If you find a good first issue, please comment on it and a Keptn maintainer will be happy to assign it to you.

3️. Once you have finished implementing your feature or bug fix, please consider presenting it in a Keptn developer meeting to let the Keptn community know and celebrate your achievement!

Keptn integrations

If you want to contribute an integration to Keptn, please take a look at the Keptn Sandbox, which is the starting point for Keptn integrations.

💡 Did you know that there is a template to get started with new integrations? The Keptn team is maitaining it as a good first start and skeleton for new Keptn integrations. It is written in Golang. But feel free to submit your contribution in other languages as well.